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The Great American Eclipse 2017 - Full SequenceThe Great American Eclipse 2017 - Half SequenceBald Eagle with FishSupermoon 11.14.16 - Cropped VersionRound and Round We GoPerseid Meteor Over Lake - ***Award Winner***White-tailed Deer BuckThe Great Smoky MountainsEastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies (Males)Downy Woodpecker in AutumnOld-growth ForestDark-eyed Junco in WinterGreat Blue Heron SilhouetteRed-bellied WoodpeckerRed Admiral5 Phases of the 4.15.14 Blood Moon EclipseYellow WarblerRuby-throated HummingbirdRuby-throated HummingbirdMonarch